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Personal Financial Planning

Most people concentrate on building their wealth using mutual funds, real estate, 401Ks etc. There is little focus on protecting that wealth. Your financial castle can be ruined by not preparing for an unexpected event.

The Essentials of Planning

Viewing your financial castle from an overall perspective allows you to see whether the financial products you’ve purchased are integrated, co-ordinated and working together to achieve your goals. Building a protective moat around your financial castle is one of the most important aspects of any financial plan.

Financial Integration / Protection

Financial Integration / Protection

The Protection Elements

The Essentials of Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important and necessary protection benefitting those you love. You are providing a means through which your surviving family can live life as though you were still alive. Kids can go to college, your debts can be settled, mortgages paid off etc. Everyone has a different need and you should select a life insurance plan and company that suits your needs best.  You are advised to seek out a competent & licensed insurance agent to get all of the necessary information before making your insurance choices.

This video gives a brief synopsis of Life Insurance and its importance as part of your protective moat. The remaining video is in the Video Library.

VIDEO: Reasons You Need Life Insurance

VIDEO: Reasons You Need Life Insurance

Life Insurance Companies / Reasons You Need it / When You Need It / How Much You Need

The Essentials of Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance should be called “I can’t work because I’m too sick or injured insurance”. Its income protection insurance for when you’re dealing with weeks, months and years of aching pain, nights without sleep, rehab, chemotherapy, and treatment during recovery from sickness more often than injury. Put money worries in that mix and you have a recipe for disaster.  If you’re willing to insure your cars, boats, and motorcycles surely you should insure your biggest asset, your income. You are advised to seek out a licensed insurance agent to get all of the necessary information before making your insurance choices.

This video gives a brief synopsis of  Disability Insurance and its importance as part of your protective moat. The remaining video is in the Video Library.

VIDEO: The Need for Disability Insurance

Group Insurance / Government Assistance / Buying Disability Insurance Policy / Cost of Disability Insurance

The Essentials of Liability Insurance, Wills & Trusts, The Advanced Directive

Liability Insurance

Many people have insufficient protection from accidents especially where there’s an injury. Medical treatment can run into the thousands and maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars. Your auto and homeowner’s insurance will only cover the face amount of your policy. You may have to cover the difference out of pocket.

Wills & Trusts

The vast majority of people have no will setting out to their loved ones what happens after they die. This video gives some thoughts on wills and trusts. You should always consult with a legal and/or financial professional to create your plan for what you want to happen when you die.

Advanced Directive

So what happens if you are in a coma and cannot make decisions for yourself? The Terri Schiavo case which lasted from 1990 to 2005 is an example of what can happen when you do not have an advanced directive in place.

This video gives a brief synopsis of liability insurance, will & trusts and advanced directives as part of your protective moat.

VIDEO: Liability Insurance, Wills, Trusts

Liability Insurance – Injury / Liability Insurance – Lawsuit / Umbrella Liability Wills & Trusts / Advanced Directive & Living Wills

The Essentials of Long Term Care

Designing Financial Solutions introduces Bob Clark, CLTC. LTCP.  who talks about Long Term Care Planning. Too often, people are suffering the consequences of being the care-giver for a loved one while working full-time. The emotional, physical, life balance and financial well being of care-givers, with women being the hardest hit, means that planning is vital.

The video below is the first in a series of 10 with Long Term Care expert Bob Clark who talks about planning for both individuals and business owners. The remaining videos include interviews with several care-givers including celebrity Melody Rogers, and are published in the Video Library.

VIDEO: Long Term Care Planning
(1 of 10 in Long Term Care Series)

Introducing Bob Clark / The Impact Of Long Term Care

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