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We at Designing Financial Solutions, quarterback a team of experienced and seasoned professional who specialize in working with business owners to stage their company for improvement, growth, expansion and immediate or eventual exit. Our proprietary planning and implementation process helps business owners achieve their chosen objectives and priorities.

Throughout the course of the program, a number of crucial initiatives are integrated into the management framework and produce measurable, identifiable results as shown through:

A sharper strategic focus:

  • Direction for where to spend the next dollar to increase value
  • Better organizational communications and productivity
  • Greater presence in the marketplace
  • A significant impact on the bottom line

The Essentials of Planning

Most people concentrate on building their wealth using mutual funds, real estate etc. There is little focus on protecting that wealth. Your financial castle can be ruined by not preparing for an unexpected event.

This video presentation stresses the importance of viewing your financial castle from an overall perspective so that financial products are integrated, co-ordinated and working together to achieve financial goals. More importantly, it illustrates the importance of having a protective moat around your financial castle.

Financial Integration / Protection

Financial Integration / Protection

The Essentials of Business Succession Planning

As many as 90% of business owners have no written succession plan.  Whether it’s for either a planned exit by the owner or in anticipation of an unplanned event preventing the business owner from fulfilling his obligations, business owners must have a succession plan. Without it, all the hard work put in over the years could be lost to you, your family and heirs.

The video below is the first in a series of 8. The remaining videos cover all aspects of succession planning including the Buy/Sell Agreement and are published in the Video Library.

VIDEO: The Need to Plan
(1 of 8 in Business Succession Planning Series)

Business Succession Agreement / The Need to Plan / Reasons for no Plan / Problems / Transfers to Family / Benefits

The Essentials of Business Exit Planning

Business succession planning and business exit planning are similar events. The difference is that exit planning is the transfer of wealth whereas succession planning concerns the transfer of power to run the company.

The video below is the first in a series of 8. The remaining videos cover all aspects of planning for exit including buyer types and value drivers. They are published in the Video Library.

Are You Ready to Sell? The Reason Business Owners Exit
(1 of 8 in Business Exit Planning Series)


Preparation Needed / Reasons Business Owners Exit

The Essentials of Business Valuation

Knowing the worth of your business is essential if you plan to sell it. But, a valuation is just as important if you plan to keep it.

Like many business owners, most of you’re wealth is tied up in the company you’ve built. Being prepared for the future means understanding your businesses’ market value whether it be for business succession agreements, estate planning, an exit strategy or even getting a line of credit at your bank.

The video below is the first in a series of 8 with valuation expert Bill Ruddick. The remaining videos, where Bill describes the factors involved in business valuation in detail, are published in the Video Library.

VIDEO:Business Valuation – An Introduction
(1 of 8 in Business Valuation Series)

10 reasons to Know your Business Value / Business Owner vs. Investor / Assumption, Economic Conditions & Circumstances effect on Value / Expectations Vs. Reality

 The Essentials of Business Risk Prevention

Designing Financial Solutions introduces Tim Santoni, CEO of Santoni Investigations, who reveals common mistakes made by business owners. These mistakes leave companies vulnerable to fraud and abuse. Tim shows the steps that companies can take to reduce the possibility that confidential information can be obtained by the wrong people.

The video below is part of  a series of 7 with business risk expert Tim Santoni of Santoni Investigations. The remaining videos, where Tim describes the factors involved in business risk, together with solutions, are published in the Video Library.

VIDEO: How To Reduce Workers’ Comp Claims
(3 of 7 in Business Risk Prevention Series)

Tim Santoni of Santoni Investigations Shows How to reduce Worker’s Comp Claims

The Essentials of Workers’ Comp

Designing Financial Solutions introduces Mike Murrah, Principal of BCG Insurance Services. Worker’s Comp insurance is a hot topic of debate particularly in California. Premium rates continue to rise and the burden of proof has shifted from the injured employee to the employer.

The video below is part of a series of 6 with Workers’ Comp expert Mike Murrah. The remaining videos, where Mike shows the steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of Worker’s Comp claims are published in the Video Library.

VIDEO: An Employer’s Protocol for Injured Workers
(1 of 6 in Workers’ Comp Series)

Designing Financial Solutions introduces Mike Murrah

The Essentials of Long Term Care

Designing Financial Solutions introduces Bob Clark, CLTC. LTCP.  who talks about Long Term Care Planning. Too often, people are suffering the consequences of being the care-giver for a loved one while working full-time. The emotional, physical, life balance and financial well being of care-givers, with women being the hardest hit, means that planning is vital.

The video below is the first in a series of 10 with Long Term Care expert Bob Clark who talks about planning for both individuals and business owners. The remaining videos include interviews with several care-givers including celebrity Melody Rogers, and are published in the Video Library.

VIDEO: Long Term Care Planning
(1 of 10 in Long Term Care Series)

Introducing Bob Clark / The Impact Of Long Term Care

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